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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting stronger.......

Been working hard over the past couple of months back home in Aviemore. My leg is improving well and I've been able to push it alot more in the gym this week doing loads of individual leg stuff like Lunges and Step Ups to get the strength as evenly balanced as I can. My Dad got me a new frame on ebay a couple of weeks ago so I've had that out pounding the roads, it's also had a couple of runs up to Cairngorm which was a great feeling to be able to do that with my knee holding up fine. :)

Not much other news at the moment pretty much just grinding out the physio, it's looking good that I'll be back on snow for Oct-Nov time.......... Can't wait!!!! Especially now when I see all the races kicking off down in the Summer hemisphere I'm gonna be well up for it by the time the season comes around.

                                                       My new wheeels.....

Midgies after coming down from Cairngorm on my bike!!!!

Laggan dam after a wee trip to watch Newtonmore get to the Camanachd cup final.

There's a tiger in the bathroom.......... :)

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