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Friday, May 13, 2011

Date for surgery

I have a date for surgery!!!!!! YES!!!!

It's been a bit of a wait but I will go under the knife on the 19th of May to reconstruct my ACL. Mr Finlayson initially wanted me to wait a while and work on my extension to get the quads firing well, which they are doing now but unfortunately he couldn't fit me in anywhere in the last couple of weeks so its been a frustrating wait. On the plus side I have really been able to build a good bit of a base fitness on the bike and I also started back in the gym with a few upper body and core exercises. I did get a bit of a scare last weekend when my mate Donald batted the softball towards me, when I stretched to catch it my knee gave way and I collapsed in a heap on the field, however it was a good wake up call to take it easy and not push my luck by trying to do to much.

Looking forward to getting this surgery out of the way so I can REALLY focus on the road back to full strength!!!!

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